The Darkwood Books

THE TRAVELLER’S TALE (A Darkwood Prequel)

A blood curse cast on a mother and her child….

… a willful teen, in love for the first time….

Will Belladonna find a way to break the curse, and keep her love? Find out in this prequel to the Darkwood series, set in Medieval Germany, where men can change to wolves, and there is still magic in the air. YA, Historical Fantasy, Romance

THE TWINS OF DARKWOOD (Tales of Darkwood Book 1)

In this “Hansel and Gretel” retelling, a teen girl brought to live in the deep forest by her odd husband is abandoned as winter closes in, and must find a way to outwit and outlast his feral twins. She’s not the evil one. They are. YA, Historical Fantasy, Twisted Fairy Tale

THE WITCH OF DARKWOOD (A Darkwood short story)

When young Henna is accused of witchcraft by her own brother, she must flee the only family she has ever known. YA, Historical Fantasy, Romance