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“If Stephen King and the Grimm brothers had a baby, it would be this series.”

This completed series (five books and a novella) is a dark fantasy set in Medieval Germany. Each book twists a Grimm’s fairy tale in a unique way as the story of a cursed child and her Traveller family unfolds. Will Bella and her children find a way to defeat a blood curse cast when Bella was a newborn?

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Nonfiction & Plays

My journey into writing books started with a terrible condo fire. We lost everything in that fire, and would have lost our lives, too, but our beloved rescue dog woke us in time. Our year-long funny/difficult journey to recovery + delicious recipes will comfort and inspire you. Half of all proceeds are donated to animal shelters. Get your copy here:

I have two full length plays that delight audiences. Perfect for your community theatre!

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Greenwood Mountain Romances

Swimsuit not required!

Set in the small mountain town of Greenwood, a group of friends and frenemies rediscover and discover love in surprising places while competing in the wettest sport around, swimming. If you like your men ripped, your women determined, and your romance sweet with just a smidge of spice, these books are for you!

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The Tales of Darkwood

Blood to Bind: Tales of Darkwood Book 5

Can far-flung allies band together in time to find the items they need to defeat a blood curse? Or will Strom destroy them all? It seems impossible. Rue has been locked in a convent, Gert is bound to her ship and bucking her destiny, Bella and Harold are being hunted in the Darkwood, while Bettina struggles to survive her sister in Marseille. Somehow, some way they must come together, find the silver goblet and rings, the ancestor's bones, an ancient blade, and most importantly, the blood that binds all together to form a potent cure.

I loved reading this series of deep and dark tales. The author weaves glowing threads of hope and love with darkest threads of greed and malice to create an amazing tapestry of fable and human reality.
Anna Maya

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