Greenwood Mountain Reading Order:

.5 Diving In
1. The Plunge
2. Flip Turn
3. False Start

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 Discover four wonderful stories that embrace the warmth of the Holiday season, by acclaimed authors Melodie March, Bobbi Claire, Katherine Moore, and myself. Four small town romances, four second chances to find the warmth of holiday love.

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.5 Diving In

Justine’s no-good husband has cheated on her while she was helping out in her son’s kindergarten classroom. Fresh from a good cry about it in the school washroom, and determined to make a new life for herself and her son, she runs smack into a man, knocking him to the floor.

Will they find love after such a terrible start?

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1. The Plunge

Swimsuits not required.

Ex-swimmer Megs Flannery hasn’t been back to her hometown in ten years. Too much baggage, too many memories. Too much guilt. But her only way forward is to go back. Will she find redemption and fall in love with her swim team co-captain a second time?

Find out in this Sweet, Small Town, 2nd Chance Sports Romance. 
flip turn greenwood mountain romance

2. Flip Turn

Can dislike at first sight flip to true love?

Jess Dishner has lost her job, her boyfriend hooked up with someone else, and she’s had to move back in with her parents. To make matters worse, her brother is marrying the one woman in the world she’ll never be able to forgive. Pushed to her patience limit, she dives back into the swimming pool for stress relief.

Zach Jennings is at the pool training for an Ironman triathlon. He’s a full-on bad boy and owner of a construction company with his own problems to deal with. Someone is sabotaging his building sites, and he suspects it’s his older brother, bent on taking him down if he can’t have the family business.

From their first clash at the pool, these two have nothing good to say about each other. But fate has a mind of its own, and brings them together again. Will the angry sparks that fly between them turn to something hotter?

Find out in this Sweet, Small Town Sports Romance.

False start book

3. False Start

False Start arriving in the fall.