Enter The Darkwood

Tales of Darkwood Reading Order

.5 Witch of Darkwood
1. The Traveller’s Tale
2. The Twins of Darkwood
3. On the Patrin Path
4. Starcrossed of Darkwood
5. Blood to Bind


Witch of Darkwood New Cover

THE WITCH OF DARKWOOD: Tales of Darkwood 0.5

(A Darkwood Novella, free!)

When young Henna is accused of witchcraft by her own brother, she must flee the only family she has ever known. Dark Fantasy, Historical Fantasy, Romance. A copy of this novella is yours free when you sign up to join my newsletter or get one of my books!

THE TRAVELLER’S TALE: Tales of Darkwood Book 1

A blood curse cast on a mother and her child….
… a willful teen, in love for the first time.
Will Belladonna find a way to break the curse, and keep her love even if it means poisoning herself?

Find out in the first book of the Darkwood series, set in medieval Germany, where men can change to wolves, and there is still magic in the air. Dark Fantasy/Historical Fantasy/Adventure/Romance with a hint of twisted fairytale.

Twins NEW ebook cover

THE TWINS OF DARKWOOD: Tales of Darkwood Book 2

She’s not the evil one. They are. In this “Hansel and Gretel” retelling, a teen girl is brought to live in the deep forest by her odd husband. Abandoned as winter closes in, she must find a way to outwit and outlast his feral twins. “If the Brothers Grimm and Stephen King had a baby.” is the best description I’ve gotten about this book. Dark Fantasy, Historical Fantasy, Twisted Fairy Tale.

ON THE PATRIN PATH: Tales of Darkwood Book 3.

The third book in series follows the twins Gert and Harold as they struggle to find their own way in the world, and to break the curse that has wrapped them up since birth.

Starcrossed New Cover ebook

STARCROSSED OF DARKWOOD: Tales of Darkwood Book 4

This story is the companion to On the Patrin Path, taking place in the same 12-day time period, but in Stuttgart. Rue was sent to a convent against her will. Rose was entangled in a curse not of her making. Will they be able to fight their entwined destiny with the use of a magical emerald, a silver chalice and pure defiance?

BLOOD TO BIND: Tales of Darkwood Book 5

This is the final book in the main Darkwood series. Allies are scattered, many on the run from vicious enemies. Can the Twins, Bettina, Bella, and Rue join forces in time to break the blood curse and save Nicclos from becoming a monster like Strom? Supernatural forces collide in this heart-pounding conclusion to the Darkwood series.