Nonfiction and Plays


It all started with a fire that destroyed everything we owned…

We were saved by our beloved rescue dog, Keisha, who woke us up in time… and then it was up to us to find a way to live again.

keisha dog

I started a blog, and that turned into a book, ON RESCUE DOGS AND LOSING EVERYTHING which you can buy or read for free with KU here:


I currently have two full-length, 2-act plays available for community theatres to have fun and make money with. Please contact me for rates and to chat about your theatre’s needs.

LIKE KISSING MOONLIGHT 5W, 4M Family Drama/Comedy “Like Kissing Moonlight” is the story of a quirky, modern-day Appalachian family that has come to some inevitable crossroads and must make some hard decisions in a loving way. The themes of home and family will touch you and make you laugh out loud and is appropriate for ages ten and up. Here is the cast from the World Premiere.


DEATH BY DESIGN 4W,4M Comedy/Thriller “Death By Design” takes the old idea of locking people in a remote location and killing them off one at a time — set in a modern-day Appalachian B&B on a dark and stormy night. Full of belly laughs and jumps, this one will keep you guessing until the very end!