On Urban Hiking in the Suburbs

If you’re a constant reader (thank you!) of this blog, you know I love to go for walks. While most of the time, its best for me to be out in nature, I also enjoy a good urban hike. It’s a great way to get to know your own city. We’ve been to downtown Dallas several times, and still have a lot to see there, but the suburbs also have plenty to offer.

Recently, my husband and I visited the Dallas suburb of Carrollton. As is usual for us, the initial lure is discovery of a different cuisine. Afterwards comes the wander-about in the area. I forgot to wear my watch, so all the steps weren’t counted, but by the way my legs and feet felt, I bet we did a good five miles of strolling. Plenty to make up for the yum food we found.

In this case, it we ended up visiting two large malls. One was exclusively Korean, the other had multiple Asian restaurants to try. There was a huge supermarket with all sorts of interesting foods. I loved the pre-packaged section.

The fish section always intrigues me. Everything seemed super fresh.

These are some of the biggest crabs I’ve ever seen.

I admit, I always want to buy them and then set them free. That would mean a trip to Alaska, I believe. Which might not be a bad thing…

There was a fantastic bookstore there, with lots of Anime and Manga, as well as art supplies and candles and journals and inks and stamps. As with any bookstore, it takes a group effort to get me out of it.

There was also an “everything” store that sold all sorts of different things. Great for a wander to get out of the heat. We were actually looking for ice cream, but ended up just going to Braum’s later for a double dip, as the lines for the soft-serve place we found were out the door.

We had some pretty good Korean food the first time we went up. It tends to be a little spicy for me, but the kids all loved it. I will definitely try more another time. The second time we went up we decided on Japanese food.

I had a new-to-me street food this time, along with my usual Ramen. It is called Onigiri. It is a large rice ball, wrapped in seaweed and stuffed with various things. I had the salmon one and it was delicious. As in, I need to go back up and eat it again. I might try the sour plum one next. The Ramen was delicious as well.

Below are a couple of great recipes for Ramen and Onigiri. You can try these at home, or do your own urban hike and get your steps in. Not that you have to justify what you’re eating, of course. It’s all about balance.


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